Oil Trading

Welcome to Globecomm Holdings (Pty) Ltd’s Oil Trading division. Explore our comprehensive services tailored to meet your oil trading needs. From deal structuring to risk management, we specialize in facilitating seamless transactions in the global oil market.

Our Services:

  1. Deal Structuring: Our team excels in crafting and structuring physical oil transactions to maximize profitability and minimize risk.
  2. Risk Management: We employ sophisticated strategies to effectively manage oil trading risks, ensuring stability and security for our clients.
  3. Market Analysis: Gain insights into key market drivers and trends with our in-depth analysis of the global oil market, empowering you to make informed trading decisions.
  4. Transaction Execution: With expertise in shipping and operations, we ensure efficient and timely execution of physical oil transactions, meeting the diverse needs of our clients.


  • Diesel 50ppm
  • Illuminating Paraffin (IP)
  • Jet A-1
  • Unleaded Petrol 95
  • Aviation Gasoline (AVGAS)
  • Naphtha
  • Heavy Fuel Oil
  • Crude Oil

Partner with Globecomm Holdings (Pty) Ltd for unparalleled expertise and reliability in oil trading.